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Find helpful information and advice on all things student-related. This section covers a wealth of information, from how to pick a university to financing your studies (and finding those few last pound coins for a night out.) Gap year and study abroad adventures, insider info on what student digs (and housemates) are really like and the all-important what you need to do once you have graduated and are thrown back into the big bad world.

Our articles are written by a range of people, from current students and recent graduates as well as teachers, professors and education professionals to give you a complete guide and all-round picture on what to expect when you go to university. It’s a great place to start in deciding if, when and where to go to university.

Applying to uni

Advice on the university application process, on UCAS, financing and the dreaded personal statement!

  • University interview preparation tips
    If you receive an interview don’t look at it with horror. Instead, think of it as your foot in the door, you’ve done it, you’ve impressed someone enough to get your statement to the desk!
  • Checklist for year 13…
    Year 13 can be stressful, with a feeling that there is so much to do in so little time. The checklist for year 13 and all those bits to do to stay on top of things can seem daunting. Fortunately, we have crafted a handy checklist with some helpful hints and great advice to keep […]
  • How to choose a UK university
    How to choose a UK university? One that is right for you, from the hundreds of institutions across the UK.Check out our helpful tips to get you started.
  • Writing the dreaded UCAS personal statement…
    There are only two types of people in the world: those who enjoy writing a personal statement and those who don’t. Get some helpful advice on writing yours!

Student life

The inside scoop on all things student-related: part-time jobs, nightmare housemates, study abroad survival strategies and last-minute exam cramming tips.

Study abroad

Want to broaden those horizons with a semester or year studying in a foreign land? Here from students that have been there on how to prepare and ensure you have the year of your life!