The differences between sixth form and university

When you get to university, you expect a lot of things to be different from the sixth form. However, some of those things might surprise you. Here are a few differences that the prospectus didn’t tell you about.

At university (unlike at sixth form) no one will tell you what to do!

A big difference between sixth form and uni is that unlike at sixth form, you will not be told which parts of your class are important. Neither your lecturer nor your teacher will tell you what you should be writing down. Instead, they will lecture and you will have to scribble away, hoping you have got the important bits covered. In no other aspect of your university education will you be told what to do – unless you ask. No more letters coming home to your parents, or assemblies – it’s every student for themselves.

Referencing everything is a huge difference between sixth form and university

The sixth form may or may not have introduced you to this ghastly and frankly evil ritual that is referencing. Regardless, you will have to get used to it! It is basically this horrible stage in the already horrible event of having to write a 4000-word assignment. You are physically unable to write a single word without having referenced the author who wrote that word prior to you including it in your essay, the date that it was originally published, the page number in which you found said quote and the publisher who so kindly published the book in which you are now referencing.

A big difference between sixth form and university is that you will live in the library!

The library of a university will have everything you could possibly need as a student: a place to study quietly, computers, sofas that are just about comfortable enough to sleep on and food. Thus, you will live in the library – what possible reason would you have to leave? Oh yes, lectures of course!

Books piled up and crammed into a room or library

Living hand-to-mouth is a real thing that happens 

Many students struggle to handle their finances at university and money becomes really tight. The assumption is parties every night and living it up all the time. However, the truth is that this gets expensive very quickly and soon you will have to figure out your priorities. If this is the case, take some time to budget properly for the essentials and if necessary go speak to the professionals on hand at the university to help you manage your money and finances.

All this can come as a real shock to start but don’t worry, we’re all in the same boat and you will get used to it.

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