Your first week at university: things that will definitely happen…

Your first week at university can be daunting, everyone has worries about getting through it and what might happen. Many aren’t even sure what they are worried about! Just that they know things will be VERY different from the sixth form. To prepare, here is a shortlist of things that you can almost guarantee will happen in your first week at university…

1. You will definitely get lost your first week at university

For so long you glided through the halls of your school, with the location of every classroom, department building and teacher’s office embedded into your mind. Cue daunting buildings, east and a west wings and campus maps that resemble a very extreme treasure hunt! As a result, you will get lost, but do not fear! It’s okay, you’re not an expert on the campus – no other first year will be!

2. In your first week at university, you will meet your ‘best friend’ (only to never see them again!)

To make an effort in making friends, you will attend various social occasions organised by the Students Union. Here, you will meet and hit it off with someone who you assume will become your BFF. Unfortunately, somehow you’ll never see them ever again! You will learn an important lesson here. Don’t stop at the first person you meet, mingle with lots of people as not all students are there to stay.

3. You will hear many, MANY different languages and accents

Filled with students from all over the world, UK universities are a melting pot for all things international. It might take you by surprise to hear all of these different accents and languages if all you have ever known is your local town, local school and local friends. So, take this opportunity to learn about all these different cultures and make sure you secure a place at your new American best friend’s beach house in Malibu for the summer!

4. The lecture theatre will amaze you

Lecture theatres are amazing places and definitely a step up from those tiny classrooms at school. When you find an empty seat, which could be a bit of a mission if you arrive late, look around at the sheer amount of people who have filled up the room and you will think that the only reason this many people would be in a room that looked like that would be to see a west-end show. You can’t be blamed for thinking this – the room does have the word ‘theatre’ in it after all!

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