Checklist for year 13…

Year 13 can be stressful, with a feeling that there is so much to do in so little time. The checklist for year 13 and all those bits to do to stay on top of things can seem daunting. Fortunately, we have crafted a handy checklist with some helpful hints and great advice to keep you on track (and stay sane!)

Even though you may only be taking four subjects, each subject seems to have a workload of ten times that or more! It’s easy to get bogged down on one assignment where your head is buried in one book for the whole week. Then you look up and realise that you have an extra million more deadlines than you did when you started.

So here goes, our checklist for year 13 and what you need to do to stay on top of things…

Split your activities up into the relevant segments and allot time accordingly:

Study (revision and coursework)

Year 13 is the year to focus and studying, completing coursework and revising should be top of the list. If you don’t already know, “revision” means looking over something that you already know. If you find that you are reading something you haven’t read before – beware! …Oh, and revision doesn’t mean having the book open while you waste hours in front of the TV.

University planning (open days/personal statement/interview prep)

Get a calendar, note deadlines and set reminders for everything. Contact as many universities and students as you can at the places you are interested in. Find out directly from them about the course and what life is like at that university. There is loads of helpful advice out there (in whatever format you like to digest it in) so take advantage. Just remember that you wanted to watch a video on “University application processes” and don’t get sidetracked with whatever rolls on afterwards!

For a compilation of all things university-related, the Unichoices YouTube channel has collected the most useful videos for you all in one place. Check out the YouTube Channel here.

Play (all the things in between like eating, sleeping, breathing – going to the cinema etc is completely out of the question)

If your social life hasn’t already been eradicated from your life, then, well, make sure it is asap. Maybe that sounds extreme but you will benefit from it in the long run. If you are still using your free periods to go shopping or to your friend’s house then you should stop!

Generally, people spend year 12 experimenting with the endless opportunities available when a free period is staring them in the face and then by the time their results come out they realise they have to work doubly hard during year 13.

One final thing…

One of the key things that not mentioned on the very short list above is to talk to your teachers. They should be included in all three steps. Talk to your teachers about studying, university planning and even about play. Ask their advice on how to balance your life so that you do not become overwhelmed. You only go through this phase of your life once, they would have been through it with hundreds of students over many years – they know more than just the subject they teach you so use them.

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