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The right university choice: How to decide

11th February 2016
Making the right university choice for you will probably be the most difficult decision you have had to make to date. With over 100 different institutions to select from in the UK and thousands of institutions worldwide, the choice can be overwhelming.

The right university choice for you: Questions to ask yourself

Below are some questions you should ask yourself, in order to find the right university choice for you. Think about them carefully, before making your final decision.

What subject or subject area do you want to study?

A bit of a no brainer to start with but once you have selected the type of course you want to study, this will automatically narrow down the search for you.

What type of learner are you?

There is probably little point in applying to Oxbridge or a Russell Group Uni if you are not that academically minded. It is, therefore, likely that a more vocational course offered by a new university is going to be better for you.

What type of lifestyle do you enjoy?

If you don’t like the hustle and bustle of big city life you are probably best to opt for a campus environment away from the city centre. If the thought of wide open green space brings you out in the sweats, however, you are probably better opting for a city centre location.

Is living at home an option?

I know that this may not be everyone’s first thought when thinking about going to university. However, over 20% of students do live at home whilst studying for their degree.  If you live within easy commute of lots of institutions this could be an option for you.

Finally, check the league tables

Although league tables aren’t necessarily everything, they do give you an indication about how the university has been ranked by independent organisations.

Avoid costly mistakes: Pick the right university choice for you

Remember, do your homework. A decision taken in haste will be repented at leisure. Always attend your shortlisted Universities’ open days to get a feel for both the campus and the town or city in which they are located. More than 1 in 5 students drop out of university in the first year alone. For students paying full fees, a wrong decision now can be an extremely costly mistake to make. Make sure you make the right university choice for you, so as not to be lumbered with a lot of debt and no qualifications.

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